Photographs & Documents

Each photograph is offered at a 300dpi res/13x8cm size making them available for a very good quality digital print, but also for Iphone/IPad, smartphone or computer screen (but should convert the image into a jpeg format for doing so)

up to date:  3387 photos available in 113 sets (***each set constantly updated***):

Armstrong Withworth: Siskin – RAF & RCAF (Jan-2016)

Avro: Shackleton MR.1 (Jan-2021), Shackelton AEW.2 (Apr-2022), Vulcan B.1 with Anti-flash white paint (Jul-2018), Vulcan B.2 with Anti-flash white paint (Jan-2020)

Blackburn: Iris and Perth (Oct-2022)

Boeing: Fortress Mk. I (June 2016), Washington B.1 (May-2020)

Boulton-Paul: Defiant, the early days (Jul-2015), Defiant, night fighter (Sep-2017)

Brewster: Buffalo – RAF, FAA & RAAF (Feb-2015)

Bristol: Belvedere (Oct-2021), Brigand T4/T5 (Apr-23), Britannia (Sept-21), Bulldog (Nov-2016), Freighter – RCAF (Mar-21), Bristol Freighter – RNZAF (Aug-2022),  Bristol Freighter – Others (Jun-2023), Sycamore (Oct-2019)

Curtiss: XBTC-2 (March 2016), XBT2C-1 (March 2016), F11C/BFC (Aug-2015), Curtiss biplane fighters, P-1 to P-23 (May 2017), Kittyhawk Mk II (Feb-2020), Mohawk (Sep-2023)

de Havilland: Sea Vixen (Mar-2022)

Douglas: Dakota – wartime (Dec-2013), BTD-1 Destroyer (March 2016), XBT2D-1 Skyraider (March 2016)AD-1 Skyraider (Jan-2014), A4D-1/A-4A Skyhawk (Aug-2014), Havoc I & II (Feb-2021)

English Electric: Canberra B(I).6 (May-2019), Canberra B(I).8 – Part 1 (Jun-2017), Canberra B(I).8 – Part 2 (Aug-2017), Canberra B.15 (Nov-2022), Canberra B(I).8 in Foreign markings (Jul-2020), Lightning F.1 – 56 Sqn (Dec-20), Lightning F.1 – 74 Sqn (Mar-2020), Lightning F.1 – 111 Sqn (Jul-2021), Lightning F.1 – Other units (Sep-2022), Lightning F.2 (Jan-2018), Lightning F.2A (Aug-2018), Lightning F.3 – Silver era (Jan-2019), Lightning F.3 – camo era (Feb-2022), Lightning T.4 (Feb-2017), Lightning T.5 – Silver era (Feb-2023)

Fairey: Flycatcher (May-2018), Gordon (Oct-2015)

Gloster: Gamecock (Nov-2013), Gauntlet (Apr-2015), Gladiator – Scandinavians (Jun-2014), Grebe (Oct-2014), Javelin – prototypes, FAW.1, FAW.2 & T.3 (Feb-2016), Javelin FAW.4, FAW.5 & FAW.6 (Mar-2017), Javelin FAW.7 & FAW.8 (Jun-2018), Javelin FAW.9 (Apr-2019), Meteor  –prototypes, F.I & F.III (July 2016), Meteor F.4 (Jan-2022), Meteor NF.11, NF.12 & NF.13 (including Foreign NF13s) (Oct-2016), Meteor NF11 French Pt-1 (Nov-2020),  Meteor NF.14 (Nov-2019)

Grumman: AF (Dec-2017)FF (Aug-2016), F6F Hellcat – FAA (Nov-2023)

Hawker: Audax (Feb-2019), Demon (Jun-2020), Fury (May-2014), Hardy (Feb-2018), Hart (April 2016), Hector (Jan-2015), Hind (Sep-18), Hunter FR.10 (Sep-2019), Hurricane Pt-1 (Dec-2021), Horsley (Nov-2017), Nimrod (Apr-2017), Osprey (Jun-2019), Woodcock (Dec-2019)

Kaiser-Fleetwings: XBTK-1 (March 2016)

Martin: XBTM-1 Mauler (March 2016)

McDonnell Douglas: Phantom FG.1 – FAA operational sqns (May-2023), Phantom FG.1 – 43 Sqn (Dec-2018), Phantom FG.1 – 111 Sqn & others (Jul-2019), Phantom FGR.2 – 2 Sqn (Apr-2020), Phantom FGR.2 – 6 Sqn (Aug-2020), Phantom FGR.2 – 14 Sqn (May-2021), Phantom FGR.2 – 17 Sqn (Nov-2021), Phantom FGR.2 – 19 Sqn (Jul-2022), Phantom FGR.2 – 23 Sqn (Oct-2023)

North American: RCAF P-51 Mustang (Oct-2013)

Northrop: BT (Nov-2018)

Percival: Pembroke (Dec-2022), Pembroke – Belgium & Germany (Jan-2023), Pembroke – other countries (Aug-2023)

Republic: Thunderbolt Mk I (Oct-2018)

Scottish Aviation: Pioneer (Sep-2020)

Short: Rangoon (Jul-2023), Singapore (Mar-2014)

Supermarine: Scimitar Pt-1 (Oct-2020), Scimitar Pt-2 (Jun-2021), Spitfire – prototypes and experimental (Apr-2014), Spitfire Mk I – prewar (Nov2014), Spitfire Mk VI (Oct-2017),  Spitfire Mk XII (Sept-2013), Spitfire LF.16 post 1947 (Sept-2015), Spitfire XIV – Far East (Aug-2019), Spitfire F.21 (May-2015), Spitfire F.22 (Jun-2022), Spitfire F.24 (Jul-2014), Spitfire – The Australian squadrons in GB (Aug-2021), Spitfire – 485 (NZ) Sqn (Mar-2023), Swift (Mar-2018)

Vickers: Valiant Pt-1 (Mar-2019), Valiant Pt-2 (Apr-2021), Valiant Pt-3 and last (May-2022), Victoria & Valentia (Sep-2016)

Westland: Wapiti – RAF, RAAF, RCAF & SAAF (Jan-2017), Whirlwind (Dec-2015)


Movement cards: Boston IIIA (Mar-2015), Canberra B(I). 8 (Jul-2017), Fortress Mk I, II & III (Jun-2015), Halifax Mk I (May-2016), Havoc II (Apr-2018), Lerwick (Dec-2014), Mustang IA (Sep-2014),  Whirlwind Mk I (Feb-2014)


Accident cards:  Thunderbolt Mk. I (67), Spitfire Mk VI (15)