Prints – Australia

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Hugo T. Armstrong: Spitfire Mk IX BS435 (Ref PL-017)

James A. Cox: Mustang P-51K A68-565 (Ref PL-043)

Keith B. Chisholm: Spitfire Mk II P7786 (Ref PL-052)

Ernest A. Esau: Spitfire Mk XVI SM278 (Ref PL-031)

Brian A. Eaton: Kittyhawk Mk II FS490 (Ref PL-034)

Brian A. Eaton: Mustang Mk III FB260 (Ref PL-035)

Brian A. Eaton: P-51 D Mustang A68-803 (Ref PL-036)

Robert H.M. Gibbes: Kittyhawk Mk II FL308 (Ref PL-008)

Robert H.M. Gibbes: Spitfire Mk VIII A58-602 (Ref PL-009)

Efgar E. Kirkham: Spitfire Mk V EE797 (Ref PL-066)

Donald K. McDonald: Thunderbolt Mk II HD282 (Ref PL-043)

Ronald T. Susans: P-51D Mustang A68-724 (Ref: PL-073)

Thomas H. Trimble: Spitfire Mk VIII A58-457 (Ref PL-046)

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