RAF, Dominion & Allied Squadrons At War series

The purpose of this study is to provide aviation historians and enthusiasts with a range of information relative to each of the RAF, Dominion  & Allied squadrons that saw combat during World War II. Each record will comprise a short history, completed with illustrations and artwork, and accompanied by the following appendices:

Appendix I: Squadron Commanders and Flight Commanders
Appendix II: Major awards
Appendix III: Operational diary (number of sorties per month)
Appendix IV: Victory list
Appendix V: Details of aircraft losses on operations
Appendix VI: Details of Aircraft losses in accidents
Appendix VII: Aircraft Serial Numbers matching with individual letters (including mission totals for multi-engine aircraft)
Appendix VIII: Nominal roll (Captains only for bomber and seaplane units)
Appendix IX: Roll of Honour

Individual files will be constantly updated, when any fresh information comes to light. Additional information will be available for download, at no charge, on each squadron’s site at

Each File is individually printed, numbered, signed by the author and bound. Files are available from Philedition (www.raf-in-combat.com) and selected retailers.

Available titles:

  • No.71 (Eagle) Squadron 1940-1942
  • No.121 (Eagle) Squadron 1941-1942
  • No.128 Squadron 1941-1945
  • No.131 (County of Kent) Squadron 1941-1945
  • No.133 (Eagle) Squadron 1941-1942
  • No.137 Squadron 1941-1945
  • No.146 Squadron 1941-1945
  • No.168 Squadron 1942-1945
  • No.309 (Polish) Squadron 1940-1947
  • No.313 (Czechoslovakian) Squadron 1941-1945
  • No.441 (RCAF) Squadron 1944-1945
  • No.443 (RCAF) Squadron 1944 – 1946
  • No.452 (RAAF) Squadron 1941-1945

In preparation:

  • No.67 Squadron 1941-1945
  • No.355 Squadron 1943-1945
  • No.451 (RAAF) Squadron 1941-1945