October 2013: RCAF North American P-51D Mustangs – 19 photos

Each photograph is offered at a 300dpi res/13x8cm size making them available for a very good quality digital print, but also for Iphone/IPad, smartphone or computer screen (but should convert the image into a jpeg format for doing so)

Photo RCAF Mustang 01:  NA P-51D Mustang 9264 (formely 44-860) of No. 424 Squadron was based at Hamilton, Ontario. The 424 was used the codes ‘PV’ between 1952 and 1958.  

Photo RCAF Mustang 02: Another NA P-51D Mustang of No. 424 Squadron with the first codes ‘BA’ wore until 1952. This Mustang is 9253, formely 44-74582.

Photo RCAF Mustang 03: NA P-51D Mustang 9565 (formely 44-74829), coded FB-N of the CEPE (Central Experimental and Proving Establishement). This photo was taken at the end of the forties, with the first RCAF roundel, with the Maple Leaf but without the white circle.

Photo RCAF Mustang 04:  NA P-51D Mustang of No. 443 Squadron was based at Vancouver, British Columbia. The Mustang is still wearing the RAF roundels style and the USAAF serial on the tail. This Mustang became 9580 in the RCAF.

Photo RCAF Mustang 05: The unit with which was flying this Mustang P-51D, serial 9555 (ex-44-63606), is not sure, and it is possibly an aircraft of a high ranking officer. This Mustang was written off in a crash on 9 July 1952.

Photo RCAF Mustang 06: NA P-51D Mustang 9232 (ex-44-74502) of No. 1 FTS during the late forties. This unit was based at Trenton, Ontario.

Photo RCAF Mustang 07: NA P-51D Mustang 9551 (ex-44-73130) of the CEPE, based at Rockliffe (Ottawa), Ontario. This Mustang was lost in a crash on 8 August 1951.

Photo RCAF Mustang 08: NA P-51D Mustang 9250 (ex-44-73027) of No. 443 Squadron based at Vancouver, British Columbia.

Photo RCAF Mustang 09: NA P-51D Mustang 9249 (ex 44-73864) of No. 420 Squadron, RCAF, flying off London, Ontario.

Photo RCAF Mustang 10: NA P-51D Mustang 9274 (formely 44-74008) of No. 402 Squadron, RCAF  was based at Winnipeg, Manitoba, and used the Mustang between November 1950 and September 1956.

Photo RCAF Mustang 11: The end of the road for this NA P-51D Mustang of No. 403 Squadron of Calgary, Alberta. This accident occurred in 1952 and this Mustang, 9291 (ex 44-73437) was written-off.

Photo RCAF Mustang 12: NA P-51D Mustang 9278 (ex 44-73848) of No. 402 Squadron based at Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Photo RCAF Mustang 13: This NA P-51D Mustang, serial 9287 (ex 44-73422) served with the JATC (Joint Air Training Centre) between 1951 and 1956. The JATC was stationed at Rivers in Manitoba.

Photo RCAF Mustang 14: Another view of NA P-51D Mustang 9249 (see photo 09).

Photo RCAF Mustang 15: A No. 443 Squadron’s Mustang, 9593 (ex 44-74441) which was later sold on the civil market in May 1959.

Photo RCAF Mustang 16: NA P-51D Mustang 9272 (formely 44-78854) of No. 443 Squadron flying over the British Columbia.

Photo RCAF Mustang 17: Formely NA P-51D Mustang 44-72990, this Mustang served the RCAF as 9283 with No. 403 Squadron at Vancouver, BC.

Photo RCAF Mustang 18: Same thing for this NA P-51D Mustang 9280 (ex 44-73954)  of No. 403 Squadron, but this aircraft was struck off charge in August 1953 after an accident.

Photo RCAF Mustang 19: A NA P-51D Mustang of No. 424 Squadron, showing the codes painted on the wing uppersurfaces.