November 2013: Gloster Gamecock – 23 photos

Each photograph is offered at a 300dpi res/13x8cm size making them available for a very good quality digital print, but also for Iphone/IPad, smartphone or computer screen (but should convert the image into a jpeg format for doing so)

Finnish Gamecocks: Photos 12, 13, 14, 15, 22 and 23.

Photo Gamecock 01: Gloster Gamecock Mk.I J8405, No. 23 Sqn, 1928.

Photo Gamecock 02: Gloster Gamecock Mk.I J7916, No. 23 Sqn, 1927.

Photo Gamecock 03: Gloster Gamecock Mk.I J7896, No. 23 Sqn, 1927

Photo Gamecock 04:  Gloster Gamecock Mk.I J8407, No. 3 Sqn, 1929.

Photo Gamecock 05: Gloster Gamecock Mk.I J7898, No. 23 Sqn, 1929.

Photo Gamecock 06: Gloster Gamecock MK.I J7918, No. 43 Sqn, 1927.

Photo Gamecock 07: Gloster Gamecock Mk.I J8088, Home Com Flt, 1928.

Photo Gamecock 08: Gloster Gamecock Mk.I J8089, Central Flying School (CFS), 1929.

Photo Gamecock 09: Gloster Gamecock Mk.I J8084, No. 23 Sqn, 1928.

Photo Gamecock 10: Unidentified Gloster Gamecock of 23 Sqn.

Photo Gamecock 11: Gloster Gamecock No. 43 Sqn in 1926.

Photo (Finnish) Gamecock 12: Gloster Gamecock Mk. II GA-58 of the Finnish Air Force in May 1930. GA-58 was the last of the 15 Gamecoks built in Finland and served until 1942.

Photo (Finnish) Gamecock 13: Gloster Gamecock Mk. II GA-43 while serving with LLv 24 in 1934. It served until 1939. It had been purchased by the Finns as patern aircraft for subsequent production of 15 Gamecocks in the country.

Photo (Finnish) Gamecock 14: Gloster Gamecock Mk. I GA-38 was the only Mk. I used by the Finns. Bought from the British, it was purchased for evaluation. It served until 1941 as an advanced trainer and was withdrawn from use with over 930 hours flown.

Photo (Finnish) Gamecock 15: Another view of GA-38 equipped with skis.

Photo Gamecock 16: A line-up of Gloster Gamecocks of No. 23 Squadron. This squadron flew the Gamecock from May 1926 to September 1931.

Photo Gamecock 17: A line-up of No. 43 Squadron Gamecocks in 1928

Photo Gamecock 18: Gloster Gamecock J8409 of No. 23 Squadron. This aircraft collided with J7903 on 7 November 1929.

Photo Gamecock 19: Gloster Gamecock J8082 being started with Hucks starter.

Photo Gamecock 20: Another line-up of four No. 23 Squadron Gamecocks. Can be seen J8408, J8041 and J8083.

Photo Gamecock 21: Gloster Gamecock Mk. I J7914 of No. 23 Squadron in 1929 before it was destroyed in an accident on 14 August 1929.

Photo (Finnish) Gamecock 22: Finnish Gamecock GA-45 seen in December 1929 shortly after having been taken of charge by the Finns. It would be withdrawn from use in April 1940 with 701.1 hours to its airframe.

Photo (Finnish) Gamecock 23: Line-up of Finnish Gamecocks in November 1930. GA-50 flew until December 1942 and had flown 875.2 hours when it was withdran from use.