April 2014: Spitfire prototype and experimental airframes – 29 photos

Each photograph is offered at a 300dpi res/13x8cm size making them available for a very good quality digital print, but also for Iphone/IPad, smartphone or computer screen (but should convert the image into a jpeg format for doing so)

 Photo Spitfire 01:  Spitfire prototype K5054 seen on 18 June 1936, taken shortly before the demonstration flight which ended with a belly landing.


Photo Spitfire 02:  Spitfire prototype K5054 in flight with its green-blue paint.

Photo Spitfire 03: Spitfire prototype K5054 seen at Martlesham Heath in 1937.

Photo Spitfire 04: Spitfire N3297, a Mk.III with clipped wings as it was first equipped. The Mk.III was ordered in large quantity, but this mark never went into production.

Photo Spitfire 05: Spitfire N3297 with a Merlin XX installed and a four-blades propeller. This photo was taken in October 1941 at Boscombe Down.

Photo Spitfire 06: Spitfire DP845, prototype of the Spitfire Mk.IV – fighter. It was later converted to become the prototype of the Spitfire Mk.XII.

Photo Spitfire 07: Spitfire DP845 in flight in October 1943. The engine installed was at that time a Griffon IV which was the mark used in Seafire XVs. 

Photo Spitfire 08: Another view of Spitfire DP845 in flight showing its short span wings.


Photo Spitfire 09: Spitfire X4942 in flight, seen as being the first true Mk.VI prototype.

Photo Spitfire 10: Spitfire JF318, one of the six Mk.VIII converted to accept the Griffon engine and were used as prototypes for the Mk.XIV.

Photo Spitfire 11: Another view of Spitfire JF318, taken in flight this time.

Photo Spitfire 12: Spitfire JF321, originally ordered as a Mk.VIII, was fitted with de Havilland contra-props and an enlarged fin.

Photo Spitfire 13: Spitfire JF299, a Mk.VIII, was at first delivered to AFDU for handling trials. It was later converted to have a tear-drop cockpit hood.

Photo Spitfire 14: Two-seat Spitfire N32 (ex-MT818) was the prototype of the post-war Spitfire Trainer.

Photo Spitfire 15: Spitfire MJ892, built as a Mk.IX, was converted to become a seaplane. Struck off charge in November 1945. (see also photo 25)

Photo Spitfire 16: Spifire EP754, was the third Mk.V to be converted to become a seaplane.  It was sent to the ME for trials. The Spitfire seaplane version was intended to operate against the Junkers Ju52 flying from Greece to Crete. (see also photo 28).

Photo Spitfire 17: Spitfire DP851 was a former F.IV prototype and was later used as the prototype F.21 as seen here. 

Photo Spitfire 18: First prototype Spitfire Mk.VB conversion, EP751 seen here just after its conversion by Folland Aircraft.

Photo Spitfire 19: Spitfire Mk.IX BF274. This aircraft was used for various test programs and carried an incorrect serial number throughout its service life. It had been originally ordered as an Mk.V and converted later on.

Photo Spitfire 20: Another view of Spitfire BF274 in flight.

Photo Spitfire 21: Spitfire DP845 on the ground in September 1942. See also photo 6, 7 & 8.

Photo Spitfire 22: Another view of Spitfire N3297. See also photo 5.

Photo Spitfire 23: Another view of Spitfire X4942. See also photo 9.

Photo 24: Spitful RB516.

Photo Spitfire  25: Another view of Spitfire MJ892 taking from. (see also photo 15)

Photo Spitfire  26: Spitfire Mk. V W3760 while conducting trials on floats in 1942.

Photo Spitfire  27: View of the other side of Spitfire W3760. 

Photo Spitfire  28: Spitfire Mk. V EP754 seen while conducting tropical trials at Alexandria in autumn 1942. (see also photo 16)

Photo Spitfire  29: Side view of Spitful RB522 while taxying