December 2015: Westland Whirlwind Mk. I – 28 photos

Each photograph is offered at a 300dpi res/13x8cm size making them available for a very good quality digital print, but also for Iphone/IPad, smartphone or computer screen (but should convert the image into a jpeg format for doing so)

Most were used in the book ‘Allied Wings No. 4 – The Westland Whirlwind‘, available in this site (lick the kink)

Photo Whirlwind 01: A view of the starboard side of L6845, the second Westland Whirlwind prototype. In this photograph the relatively large engine nacelles are clearly shown. While under construction L6845 incorporated some improvements and further modifications resulting from the testing of L6844.

Photo Whirlwind 02: Port side view of Westland Whirlwind L6845.

Photo Whirlwind 03: Another port side view of Whirlwind L6845.

Photo Whirlwind 04: 3/4 front port view of Westland Wirlwind L6845.

Photo Whirlwind 05: Port side view of Westland Whirlwind L6844.

Photo Whirlwind 06: A very nice photograph of the first Westland Whirlwind prototype, L6844, showing its pure aerodynamic contours. The cockpit, with its all-round view, was one of the best features of the Whirlwind.

Photo Whirlwind 07:  photograph of the first Westland Whirlwind prototype, L6844, taken shortly before its first flight in October 1938

Photo Whirlwind 08: A colourised print of Westland Whirlwind L6845 photo 03.

Photo Whirlwind 09: Three Westland Whirlwinds, HE-V/P6969, HE-J/P6985, and HE-L /P6987, flying in formation at the beginning of 1941. These were the first production aircraft to reach No.263 Squadron.

Photo Whirlwind 10: Same scene taken from another angle.

Photo Whirlwind 11: On 8 February 1941, while flying Westland Whirlwind HE-V/P6969, Pilot Officer K.A.G.Graham claimed the first aerial victory by a Whirlwind. The victim was an Ar196 float plane.

Photo Whirlwind 12: Westland Whirlwind Mk.I P7062, of No.263 Squadron flown by
Pilot Officer William A. Lovell, (RCAF), taken during a routine flight in July 1942.
William Lovell was an English-born American who was transferred
to USAAF a few weeks later.

Photo Whirlwind 13: A well known photograph, taken in 1942, of Westland Whirlwind P7116 “Bellows Argentina No. 2” which was Squadron Leader P.T.Pugh’s personal aircraft at the end of his posting to the squadron. Squadron Leader Thomas Pugh carried out only two operational flights in this machine before it was passed to Robert S.Woodward No.263 Squadron’s new Commanding Officer. In all P7116 accumulated 49.4 flying hours in 40 operational sorties.
The exact number of Whirlwinds christened “Bellows”, which were funded by the Fellowship of the Bellows (Argentina or Uruguay), is uncertain.

Photo Whirlwind 14: Opposite side of Westland Whirlwind P7116.

Photo Whirlwind 15: Westland Whirlwind P7062/HE-L of No. 263 Squadron showing its flaps in the extended position.

Photo Whirlwind 16: A presentation Westland Whirlwind, P7102/SF-P ‘Comrades in Arms’ served with No. 137 Squadron during the second semester of 1942 before to be passed on to No. 263 Squadron.

Photo Whirlwind 17: Westland Whirlwind P6691/HE-R on a dispersal in March 1942. This Whirlwind spent two years with No.263 Squadron and was repaired twice, in March and July 1942, before it was struck off charge after another mishap on 9 February 1943.

Photo Whirlwind 18: Westland Whirlwind P6984/HE-H, while based at Exeter. This aircraft was lost on 19 January 1941 when both engines failed and Flight Lieutenant Pugh was forced to bale out.

Photo Whirlwind 19: Side view of Westland Whirlwind P6984/HE-H,

Photo Whirlwind 20: Westland Whirlwind P6997 while undergoing flight tests at A&AEE with bombs under the wings in 1942.

Photo Whirlwind 21: James Patrick Coyne (RCAF) is posing in Westland Whirlwind P7094/HE-T, probably in May 1943. It was Flight Lieutenant H.J. Blackshaw’s regular mount, and both were lost a few days later.

Photo Whirlwind 22: Westland Whirlwind P7012/SF-V, is re-armed with 250-lb bombs in May 1943.

Photo Whirlwind 23: See above.

Photo Whirlwind 24: Armourers re-arming the four 20mm cannons with the drum magazines with below the camera gun.

Photo Whirlwind 25: Westland Whirlwind P7055 served with No.137 Squadron between November 1941 and February 1943. It was issued to No.263 Squadron in June 1943 and ended its career with this unit. By November 1943 it was one of the last operational Whirlwinds still in service.

Photo Whirlwind 26: Westland Whirlwind HE-J/P6985 (see photo 09) showing its undersurfacces painted in two colours.

Photo Whirlwind 27: Westland Whirlwind  P7094/HE-T see from another angle (see photo 21)

Photo Whirlwind 28: Westland Whirlwind  P7062/HE-L of No. 263 Squadron during summer 1942.