September 2013: Spitfire Mk XII – 18 photos

Each photograph is offered at a 300dpi res/13x8cm size making them available for a very good quality digital print, but also for Iphone/IPad, smartphone or computer screen (but should convert the image into a jpeg format for doing so)


Most of these photographs can be found in: SQUADRONS! No.5  – The Supermarine Spitfire Mk.XII. (click the link)

Photo Spitfire Mk XII – 01: Spitfire F.XII MB882, the last Spitfire Mk. XII delivered to the RAF. It served only with 41 Sqn between December 43 and September 44.

Photo Spitfire Mk XII – 02: Side view of MB882. In all this Spitfire Mk. XII participated to 125 sorties including 30 anti-diver patrols, completing 153 hours and 20 minutes in operations.

Photo Spitfire Mk XII – 03: Rear view of MB882.

Photo Spitfire Mk XII – 04: Front view of MB882.

Photo Spitfire Mk XII – 05: Close-up of the tail and tail wheel.

Photo Spitfire Mk XII – 06: Nice view of the Griffon engine of an unidentified Spitfire Mk. XII. On the background, MB795/EB-A. Delivered to 41 Sqn in September 43, it was withdrawn from use one year later.

Photo Spitfire Mk XII – 07: Another view of Spitfire Mk. XII MB882/EB-B.

Photo Spitfire Mk XII – 08: Spitfire Mk. XII MB882/EB-B taken during a low flying display.

Photo Spitfire Mk XII – 09: Spitfire Mk. XII MB882/EB-B on landing.

Photo Spitfire Mk XII – 10: Bottom view in flight of Spitfire Mk. XII MB882/EB-B. All the Mk.XII had their wings clipped.

Photo Spitfire Mk XII – 11: Top view of Spitfire Mk. XII MB882/EB-B while banking to the right.

Photo Spitfire Mk XII – 12: Spitfire Mk. XII MB882/EB-B banking to the left.

Photo Spitfire Mk XII – 13:  No.41 Squadron Spitfire Mk. XIIs taken in formation on 12 April 1944 during a non-operational flight. Flight Lieutenant Donald H. Smith (RAAF) is flying MB882/EB-B.

Photo Spitfire Mk XII – 14: Same aircraft taken from another angle.

Photo Spitfire Mk XII – 15: Flight Lieutenant Donald H. Smith (RAAF) taken flying alone over the English Coast in board of his Spitfire Mk. XII. In April 44, 41 Squadron was based at Friston between Brighton and Hastings.

Photo Spitfire Mk XII – 16: Squadron Leader Ray Harris was flying Spitfire Mk. XII EN625/DL-K of 91 Sqn when, on 25 May 43, he made the squadron’s first two kills. This was the famous day when 91 Sqn claimed five Fw190s without losses.

Photo Spitfire Mk XII – 17: Spitfire F. XII MB837 of 595 Squadron during the summer 1945.

Photo Spitfire Mk XII – 18: Spitfire Mk. XII MB882 after it crashed on 11 September 1944. It was one of the last operational Mk. XII at that time.