January 2017: Westland Wapiti (RAF, RAAF, RCAF & SAAF) – 48 photos

Each photograph is offered at a 300dpi res/13x8cm size making them available for a very good quality digital print, but also for Iphone/IPad, smartphone or computer screen (but should convert the image into a jpeg format for doing so)

Wapiti 01: Westland Wapiti I J9102 was used to test various engines during its career and was never issued to any operational unit.

Wapiti 02: Westland Wapiti II J9237 was initially sent to Canada for cold weather trials on loan to the RCAF for 60 months.

Wapiti 03: Westland Wapiti J9410 of No. 30 Squadron in flight.

Wapiti 04: Westland Wapiti J9410 (see also photo 03) of No. 30 Squadron taken on the ground this time.

Wapiti 05: Westland Wapitis of No. 28 Squadron in flights, with in the forefront J9481.

Wapiti 06: Westland Wapiti IIA J9506 of No. 28 Squadron in flight.

Wapiti 07: Westland Wapitis J9595, J9631 and J9634 of No. 55 Squadron flying in formation.

Wapiti 08: Westland Wapiti J9619 of No. 30 Squadron in flight.

Wapiti 09: Westland Wapiti J9630 of No. 84 Squadron in flight.

Wapiti 10: Westland Wapiti J9634 of No. 55 Squadron in flight.

Wapiti 11: Westland Wapiti J9719 of No. 60 Squadron in flight.

Wapiti 12: Westland Wapiti J9754 of No. 1 SFTS (India) being towed in 1940. This Wapiti is coded PT-F (the individual letter F is painted just behind the engine)

Wapiti 13: Westland Wapiti J9835 of No. 84 Squadron in flight.

Wapiti 14: Another shot of Westland Wapiti J9835 taken from another angle.

Wapiti 15: Westland Wapitis of No. 84 Squadron, J9844 being in the forefront.

Wapiti 16: Westland Wapiti J9857 of No. 601 Squadron.

Wapiti 17: Westland Wapiti K1125 of No. 55 Squadron in 1936. It was coded ‘B3’.

Wapiti 18: Westland Wapitis K1143, J9856 and J9617 of No. 601 Squadron flying in formation.

Wapiti 19: Westland Wapiti IIA K1148 of No. 601 Squadron in flight. It would be later sold to the RCAF as 508 in January 1936.

Wapiti 20: Westland Wapiti IIA K1261 of No. 1 SFTS (India) in 1939 in flight.

Wapiti 21: Westland Wapiti K1291 of No. 27 Squadron ready for take-off. This Wapiti survived until 28.05.42 when ran into soft ground while taxying and tipped up.

Wapiti 22: Westland Wapiti IIA K1300 of No. 27 Squadron warming up its engine before another routine flight.

Wapiti 23: Westland Wapiti IIA K1338 of No. 604 Squadron taken during a very low altitude flight.

Wapiti 24: Westland Wapiti IIA K1343 of No. 605 Squadron in flight. It crashed in forced landing on 11.11.34.

Wapiti 25: Westland Wapiti IIA K1348 of No. 605 Squadron banking to the right. This Wapiti was later converted to Wallace configuration as K3569.

Wapiti 26: Westland Wapiti IIA K1369 of No. 501 Squadron in flight.

Wapiti 27: Westland Wapiti IIA K1391 of No. 55 Squadron.

Wapiti 28: Westland Wapiti VI, a dual control trainer, K2241 of No. 604 Squadron in flight.

Wapiti 29: Westland Wapiti IIA K2289 of No. 27 Squadron in flight.

Wapiti 30: Westland Wapiti IIA J9080 of No. 84 Squadron

Wapiti 31: Westland Wapiti IIA J9247 prototype of the mark

Wapiti 32: Westland Wapiti IIA K1373 of 501 Squadron

Wapiti 33: Westland Wapitis of 601 Squadron taken during a public display

Wapiti 34: Westland Wapitis of 601 Squadron flying in formation. In the forefront, J8617

Wapiti 35: Westland Wapiti K1309 of 27 Squadron


Wapiti (RAAF) 51: Westland Wapitis A5-10, A5-17 and A5-22 in formation flying over Melbourne in 1931

Wapiti (RAAF) 52: Westland Wapiti A5-34 giving a demonstration of message pick-up

Wapiti (RAAF) 53: Westland Wapiti A5-12 in flight. It was stuck off charge on 27.04.44

 Wapiti (RAAF) 54: A line-up of Australian Wapitis with A5-26, A5-33, A5-32, A5-37 and A5-5

Wapiti (RAAF) 55: Westland Wapiti A5-2 with special equipment


Wapiti (RCAF) 71: Westland Wapiti IIA 508 taken in flight. Delivered in March 1936 it was formely K1148 of the RAF. It was the first RCAF Wapiti taken on charge.

Wapiti (RCAF) 72: Side view of Westland Wapiti 508 on the ground.

Wapiti (RCAF) 73: Westland Wapiti IIA 513 (formely K1326). Delivered in March 1936, it ended its career as an instructional airframe at Trenton.

Wapiti (RCAF) 74: Three Westland Wapitis of the RCAF, with from left to right, 543 (ex-J9870), 510 (ex-K1318) and 542 (ex-J9869). They were used by No. 3 (B) Squadron, RCAF at that time.

Wapiti (RCAF) 75: Westland Wapiti 508 on skis seen after a minor accident.

Wapiti (RCAF) 76: Westland Wapiti 540 (ex-J9617) which ended its career as 513 (see photo 73).

Wapiti (RCAF) 77: Westland Wapiti 512 (ex-K1326) delivered in May 1937 served the RCAF until being struck off strenght in March 1941.


Wapiti (SAAF) 91: Three SAAF Wapitis (P618, P619, P620) in flight