January 2014: Douglas AD-1 Skyraider – 15 photos

Each photograph is offered at a 300dpi res/13x8cm size making them available for a very good quality digital print, but also for Iphone/IPad, smartphone or computer screen (but should convert the image into a jpeg format for doing so)

More details about this aircraft can be found in the publication USN Aircraft 1922-1962 Volume 1 for the paperback version, but the e-books are available in this site.

Photo Skyraider AD-1 – 01: Five AD-1s of VA-44 flying in formation formely VA-3B. The VA-44 was deployed in the Mediterranean twice in 1949 and 1950.

Photo Skyraider AD-1 – 02: Nice shot of Douglas AD-1 09204 of VA-20A – CVG-19. It was retired in August 1955 and stricken in February 1957 with 2,233 hours. VA-20A became VA-195 in January 1949.

Photo Skyraider AD-1 – 03: 3/4 front view of Douglas AD-1 09199 with wings folded. It belongs to VA-2A (CVG-19). The VA-20A used the AD-1 between May 1947 and August 1948.

Photo Skyraider AD-1 – 04: AD-1 09283 of VA-6B on the deck of the carrier USS Coral Sea (CVB 43). It was retired in September 1955 and finally stricken in February 1957 with 2,571 hours.

Photo Skyraider AD-1 – 05: Believed to be 09171, this AD-1 is flying without any ordonance. This Skyraider belongs to VA-44 of CVG-4.

Photo Skyraider AD-1 – 06: Douglas AD-1 BuNo 09138 seen while taxying in 1948. This AD-1 was serving at that time with VA-3B and was wrecked in an accident in September 1953.

Photo Skyraider AD-1 – 07: Side view of Douglas AD-1 09333 of VA-55. It was retired in August 1955 and stricken in February 1957 with 2,228 flight hours.

Photo Skyraider AD-1 – 08: An unidentified AD-1 of CQTU-4 at the end of the forties.

Photo Skyraider AD-1 – 09: Douglas AD-1 09142 taken at NAS Glenview in 1949. It belongs to VA-44 (CVG-4). It was later passed on to ATU-5 with which it was wrecked in an accident in August 1950.

Photo Skyraider AD-1 – 10: AD-1 Skyraiders of VA-6B being spotted for launch by a plane director on board the carrier Coral Sea (CVB 43). VA-6B became VA-65 on 27 July 1948. With continious teething problem, the AD-1 was soon relagated to a traning role and not embarked anymore.

Photo Skyraider AD-1 – 11: Side view of Douglas AD-1Q BuNo 09354 before its delivery to the USN. It is still wearing the former BuNo markings on the tail. It was accepted on 16.06.47 and was retired in January 1957 only and stricken the same month.

Photo Skyraider AD-1 – 12: Side view of Douglas AD-1Q BuNo 09372 prior to delivery to the USN in May 1948. The AD-1Q retained its full attack capabilities including the underwing and fuselage stations and the 20mm cannons. 09372 was one of the last to be stricken in June 1957 with 2,315.0 flight hours.

Photo Skyraider AD-1 – 13: Douglas AD-1Q BuNo 09359 of Composite Squadron Thirty-Five (VC-35) on the ground. Accepted on 30.04.48 it was withdrawn from use in August 1954 and stricken in February 1957 with 1,475 hours to its airframe.

Photo Skyraider AD-1 – 14: Douglas AD-1Q 09386, the last AD-1Q built seen while being with the VC-35. Accepted on 30.06.48, it was retired in September 1954 and eventually stricken in February 1957. Of the eight AD-1Qs lost, three were wrecked during their service with VC-35, all in 1951.

Photo Skyraider AD-1 – 15: The sole XAD-1W (BuNo 09107) taken in flight around NAS Patuxent River while carrying out tests at the NATC.