May 2015: Supermarine Spitfire F.21 – 28 photos

Each photograph is offered at a 300dpi res/13x8cm size making them available for a very good quality digital print, but also for Iphone/IPad, smartphone or computer screen (but should convert the image into a jpeg format for doing so)


Most of these photos can be found in the publication : SQUADRONS! No. 7 – The Supermarine Spitfire F. 21 (ckick the link)

pdf, Epub and Kindle versions are available in this site: 978-2918590-40-8


Photo Spitfire F21 – 01: Supermarine Spitfire F. 21 LA328 of No. 600 Sqn, with a red spinner and letters.


Photo Spitfire F21 – 02: Spitfire F. 21LA195 has the standard Day Fighter Scheme of Fighter Command. No. 615 Sqn flew a mixed fleet of F.21s and F.22s. This squadron returned to Fighter Command authority and changed its codes from RAV to V6. Soon after, 615 relinquished its Spitfires for Meteor F.4s.


Photo Spitfire F21 – 03: Supermarine Spitfire F.21 LA228 of No. 600 Sqn, left in natural metal finish.


Photo Spitfire F21 – 04: LA315 of No; 41 Squadron has the individual letter ‘O’, something unusual in RAF squadrons but could be explained by the fact that the aircraft was also flown by the Wittering Station Flight.


Photo Spitfire F21 – 05: Supermarine Spitfire F. 21 LA275/RAI-H of No. 602 Sqn ‘City of Glasgow’ based at Abbottsinch (near Glasgow of course).  It was lost in an accident in June 1949.


Photo Spitfire F21 – 06: Spitfire F. 21 LA275 taken from another angle


Photo Spitfire F21 – 07:  Supermarine Spitfire F.21s of the RAuxAF of No. 600 Sqn, LA192 and LA253 flying in formation in 1948.


Photo Spitfire F21 – 08: Based logically at Biggin Hill, No. 600 Sqn ‘City of London’ of the RAuxAF converted to the Spitfire F.21 in July 1946. The F.21 remained the main equipment until some F.22s were taken on charge in 1948.  The RAuxAF squadron codes allocated to 600 Sqn were RAG. Note the blue spinner of an aircraft from No. 615 Sqn (also an RAuxAF unit).


Photo Spitfire F21 – 09: Supermarine Spitfire F. 21 LA223 was issued to No. 91 Sqn in March 1945 and left in September. It was re-issued again in July 1947 to No. 602 Sqn. LA223 made a forced landing one year later, putting an end to its career with the RAF.


Photo Spitfire F21 – 10: Supermarine Spitfire F. 21 LA200 seen at dispersal at Ludham in April 1945. It was the regular mount of F/L Arthur Elcock, a V-1 ace. He was killed shortly after VE-Day flying LA203. LA200 was lost two days earlier with another pilot at the controls.


Photo Spitfire F21 – 11: A Spitfire F. 21 of No. 602 Sqn (code RAI) taking off.


Photo Spitfire F21 – 12: Another personal aircraft, Spitfire F. 21 LA232 coded ‘TT’ for the initials of Thomas Traill. A former WWI pilot, he was serving in HQ of No. 2 (Bomber) Group when the war broke out and spent the war in various HQ postings in UK and overseas. In May 1946, Thomas C. Traill was posted as acting OC of No. 12 Group of Fighter Command and chose LA232 as his personal mount. This Spitfire F.21 was equipped with a G85 Rotol contra-propeller.


Photo Spitfire F21 – 13: Spitfire F. 21 LA299, the personal aircraft of the Wittering Station Commander, Group Captain Alfred V. Hammond, with initials ‘AVH’ and the Group Captain pennant painted on, equipped with a contra-rotating propeller. Born at the turn of the century, he was a pre-war regular RAF officer and held the rank of Squadron Leader at the outbreak of war. He was also known for his paintings.


Photo Spitfire F21 – 14: When No. 602 Sqn returned to Fighter Command, the letters switched from RAI of the RAuxAF to the wartime code letters LO. 602 switched to the jet era with the Vampire in 1951 but Spitfire F. 21 LA269 was retained as a hack for a little while with this particular paint scheme and markings.


Photo Spitfire F21 – 15: Supermarine Spitfire F.21 LA217 served with the Central Fighter Establishment (CFE) in 1946 equipped with a G68 Rotol contra/propeller. It was stored in July 1948 and scrapped in November 1949.



Photo Spitfire F21 – 16: view of No. 41 Squadron’s Spitfire F.21s, shortly it was renumbered from No. 122 Squadron in April 1946, while based at Dalcross in UK.


Photo Spitfire F21 – 17: A rare view of a Spitfire F. 21 of No. 122 Sqn. Behind, a Spitfire F.21 of No. 41 Sqn can be seen. It is possible that this photo was taken shortly after 122 was re-numbered in April 1946, the aircraft still in the process of having the squadron codes changed from MT to EB (the Spitfire just behind carrying the letters EB).


Photo Spitfire F21 – 18: A poor quality, but very interesting, photo showing a line-up of Spitfire F.21s of 3 CAACU. The aircraft have had their armament removed. The aircraft that are identifiable are LA280/K and LA304/L.


Photo Spitfire F21 – 19: Test flown on February 1945, Supermarine Spitfire F. 21LA232 was used the following month to test a new engine and propeller and was eventually equipped with a contra-rotating propeller and later became the personal mount of AVM TC Traill (coded TT). LA232 is seen here with its original propeller.


Photo Spitfire F21 – 20: Supermarine Spitfire F. 21 LA187, first production F.21, prior to completion to full F.21 standard. It was used for various tests and was never issued to any squadron.


Photo Spitfire F21 – 21: Supermarine Spitfire F. 21 LA188 during a test fligt at A&AEE in 1944. This aircraft was used for high speed trials.


Photo Spitfire F21 – 22: Supermarine Spitfire F. 21 LA191 was also used for various tests at A&AEE and RAE and was eventually allocated to No. 615 Sqn, late in the career of the F.21, in April 1947. It was struck off charge the following December.


Photo Spitfire F21 – 23: Spitfire F.21 LA232 during a test flight before delivery to the RAF and before being equipped with a Rotol contra/propeller.


Photo Spitfire F21 – 24: Line-up of No. 91 Squadron’s Spitfire 21s at Lubeck (Germany) during summer 1946. LA279 (DL-U), LA205 (DL-F) and LA265 (DL-K) can be seen. All later served with auxiliary squadrons.


Photo Spitfire F21 – 25: Spitfire F.21 LA232/TT, personal mount of OC 12 Group A/C Thomas  C.Trail


Photo Spitfire F21 – 26:  Another view of Spitfire F.21 LA232/TT, personal mount of OC 12 Group A/C Thomas  C.Trail


Photo Spitfire F21 – 27:  Spitfire F.21 LA220/2-JX of No. 1 Squadron, with contra-props.


Photo Spitfire F21 – 28:  Spitfire F.21 of No. 600 Squadron, with LA253/RAG-K leading and LA330/RAG-E on its right