SQUADRONS! No.07: The Supermarine Spitfire F.21


The Spitfire F.21 was the last Spitfire mark to be introduced into service before the end of WW2. It belongs to what we usually call the third generation of the Spitfire, and the F.21 was the first, preceding the F.22 and F.24; however, the F.21 is generally seen as being an interim mark only. This study of 28 pages, 29 photos and 5 colour profiles, gives the details of the career of the F.21, during and after the war.

REVISED February 2019, March 2021


LA200/DL-E – 91 Sqn

LA301/JX-S – 1 Sqn

LA283/EB-? – 41 Sqn

LA328/RAG-J – 600 Sqn

LA253/WAG – Colitishall Wing

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