October 2014: Gloster Grebe – 26 photos

Each photograph is offered at a 300dpi res/13x8cm size making them available for a very good quality digital print, but also for Iphone/IPad, smartphone or computer screen (but should convert the image into a jpeg format for doing so)


Photo Grebe 01: Gloster Grebe Mk.II J7583 of No. 56 Sqn in 1925.

Photo Grebe 02: Gloster Grebe Mk.II J7521 of No. 32 Sqn in 1925. This aircraft was later used for tropical trials in the ME.

Photo Grebe 03: Gloster Grebe Mk.II J7417 at the end of its career while serving at No. 2 FTS (Flying Training Squadron) ca.1930.

Photo Grebe 04: Gloster Grebe Mk.II J7381 of No. 29 Sqn  in 1926. It was soon after sold to New Zealand where it became NZ501.

Photo Grebe 05: Gloster Grebe Mk.III (DC) J7520, the two-seat dual control trainer of the Grebe. This aircraft is seen here while participating to the King’s Cup Race as No. 23 in July 1928.

Photo Grebe 06: Gloster Grebe Mk.II J7288 of No. 25 Sqn in 1925.

Photo Grebe 07: Gloster Grebe Mk.IIs of No. 19 Sqn in 1927.

Photo Grebe 08: Gloster Grebe Mk.II J7601 of No. 32 Sqn in 1929.

Photo Grebe 09: Three Golster Mk.IIs of No. 19 Sqn at Duxford in 1927. In the middle, J7368 and on its right, J7377.

Photo Grebe 10: Gloster Grebe Mk. II J7588 of No. 32 Sqn.

Photo Grebe 11: Gloster Grebe Mk.II J7593 of No. 29 Sqn.

Photo Grebe 12: Gloster Grebe Mk.II J7414 of No. 56 Sqn flying at low level over Biggin Hill in 1925.

Photo Grebe 13: Another photo of Grebe J7381 (see photo 04), with no markings, date unknown.

Photo Grebe 14: Gloster Grebe Mk.II J7585 of the Central Flying School (CFS) ca. 1930.

Photo Grebe 15: Another photo of Grebe Mk.II J7381 (see photo 04) of No. 29 Sqn seen on an open field.

Photo Grebe 16: Gloster Grebe Mk.II J7527 of No. 3 Sqn after an accident. Repairs were undertaken and J7527 was later issued to No. 23 Sqn.

Photo Grebe 17: Gloster Grebe Mk. II J7581of No. 19 Squadron

Photo Grebe 18: Gloster Grebe Mk. II J7413 of No. 56 Squadron in 1925.

Photo Grebe 19: Another photo of J7588 of No. 3 Squadron (see photo 10)

Photo Grebe 20: A line-up of No. 25 Squadron Grebes Mk. IIs in 1926

Photo Grebe 21: Gloster Grebe J7585 of No. 19 Squadron with its blue/white check markings. J7585 was the aircraft of the Squadron’s Commander identified with the check pennants on the interplane struts.

Photo Grebe 22: Two No. 25 Squadron’s Grebes taking off in formation

Photo Grebe 23: An unidentified Gloster Grebe in flight. No markings seems to be worn.

Photo Grebe 24: Gloster Grebe Mk II J7386 of No. 19 Squadron in 1926.

Photo Grebe 25: Gloster Grebe Mk II J7581 of No. 25 Squadron in 1927.

Photo Grebe 26: Gloster Grebe Mk II J7400 while serving for airship trials in 1926.