October 2018: Republic Thunderbolt Mk I – 20 photos


Each photograph is offered at a 300dpi res/13x8cm size making them available for a very good quality digital print, but also for Iphone/IPad, smartphone or computer screen (but should convert the image into a jpeg format for doing so)


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Thunderbolt Mk I – 01: Here and below, two views of Thunderbolt FL844

Thunderbolt Mk I – 02: See above

Thunderbolt Mk I – 03: The Thunderbolt assembly line at Republic’s Farmingdale (NY) factory with the first RAF aircraft in the foreground.

Thunderbolt Mk I – 04: Flight mechanics prepare Thunderbolt Mk.Is of 30 Sqn for their next sortie from Cox’s Bazar, India.

Thunderbolt Mk I – 05: An unidentfied Thunderbolt Mk I of No. 113 Squadron (code AD-R)

Thunderbolt Mk I – 06: No. 146 Squadron’s Mk.Is lined up in October 1944 ready for an op with a full load of bombs under the wings. In the foreground is HD110/NA-L.

Thunderbolt Mk I – 07: A line-up of 135 Sqn Thunderbolts at Chittagong. Note the spinners of HB982/D and HD173/A are painted red to indicate their flight

Thunderbolt Mk I – 08: Thunderbolt Mk I HB975/WK-L (135 Squadron)  with now the squadron code letters applied

Thunderbolt Mk I – 09: A No. 135 Squadron, coded ‘F’ on landing

Thunderbolt Mk I – 10: No. 146 Squadron was among the first two fighter units that converted to Thunderbolts. Initially, aircraft were allocated to pilots. Here Thunderbolt Mk I FL848/NA-C

Thunderbolt Mk I – 11: Thunderbolt Mk I HD118/NA-N of No. 146 Squadron

Thunderbolt Mk I – 12: Thunderbolt Mk I HD176 in flight over the Egyptian desert. It was one of the last of this mark to be allocated to 73 OTU in July 1944 and was struck off charge in March 1946

Thunderbolt Mk I – 13: A mysterious photo of a Thunderbolt Mk.I. FL749/R possibly from No. 1670 CU as this unit was using, at the time, mostly D-21 Mk.Is with individual letters. But FL749  might be operated as an AFTU aircraft as these also carried single identifying letters as well

Thunderbolt Mk I – 14: A Thunderbolt Mk.I, FL792/ZT-D of 258 Sqn, being serviced

Thunderbolt Mk I – 15: No. 30 Squadron made some use of the Thunderbolt Mk.I, but mainly for training. Here one, with squadron code letters ‘RS’ partially visible, undergoes an inspection

Thunderbolt Mk I – 16: No. 258 Squadron Thuderbolt ZT-N (probably FL814). This photo also illustrates the harsh conditions pilots had to contend with in the Far East

Thunderbolt Mk I – 17: A No. 258 Squadron’s Thunderbolt Mk I with the short-lived red/white cowlings

Thunderbolt Mk I – 18:  Thunderbolt Mk I HD154/18 was allocated to 73 OTU during July 1944. It was struck off charge in March 1946

Thunderbolt Mk I – 19: The wreckage of FL809/OQ-Z, No. 5 Squadron

Thunderbolt Mk I – 20: Pilots of 134 Sqn watching squadron mates flying low over the airfield when the unit was still under training while two mechanics can be seen servicing FL804/GQ-O