November 2016: Bristol Bulldog – 37 photos

Each photograph is offered at a 300dpi res/13x8cm size making them available for a very good quality digital print, but also for Iphone/IPad, smartphone or computer screen (but should convert the image into a jpeg format for doing so)

Photo 01: Bristol Bulldog J9568 of No. 3 Squadron.


Photo 02: Bristol Bulldog J9574 of No. 3 Squadron.


Photo 03: Bristol Bulldog K1678 of No. 23 Squadron.


Photo 04: Bristol Bulldog K1080 was the second production aircraft of the second batch and was delivered in January 1930. It would serve with No. 17 Squadron.


Photo 05: Another view of Bristol Bulldog K1080.


Photo 06: Bristol Bulldog K1085 in flight.


Photo 07: Another view of Bulldog K1085.


Photo 08: Bristol Bulldogs of No. 17 Sqn with K1081 leading the section in the forefront. It was lost in an accident in May 1931.


Photo 09: Bristol Bulldog K1088 with No. 17 Sqn markings.


Photo 10: Bristol Bulldog K1638 of the Air Gunner School


Photo 11: Bristol Bulldog K1641 of No. 54 Squadron.


Photo 12: A section of three Bristol Bulldogs of No. 23 Squadron flying in formation with K1587, K1678 and K2151.


Photo 13:  A trio of No. 41 Squadron Bulldogs in flight.


Photo 14: A trio of No. 17 Squadron Bulldogs taking-off with K1671 in the forefront.


Photo 15: Bristol Bulldog K2142 of No. 17 Squadron.


Photo 16: Six No. 19 Squadron Bulldogs flying in formation.


Photo 17: Bristol Bulldog K2159 of No. 19 Squadron.


Photo 18: Another view of Bulldog K2159 while serving with No. 17 Squadron.


Photo 19: Bristol Bulldog K2184 of No. 41 Squadron.


Photo 20:  Bristol Bulldog K2203 of No. 54 Squadron.


Photo 21: Bristol Bulldogs of No. 56 Squadron with K2206 and K2227 visible.


Photo 22: Bristol Bulldog K2227 of No. 56 Squadron.


Photo 23: Bristol Bulldog K2229 of No. 56 Squadron.


Photo 24: Bristol Bulldog Trainer K3170, the first of its kind and will serve with the Central Flying School.


Photo 25: Bristol Bulldog Trainer K3181 was initially issued to No. 19 Squadron in February 1933.


Photo 26: Bristol Bulldog K2172 No. 3 Squadron.


Photo 27: Bristol Bulldogs of No. 3 Squadron with K2140, K2494 and K2232


Photo 50 (Finnish): Finnish Bristol Bulldog BU-59, the first to have been delivered to the Finns on 20.12.34. It would be withdrawn from use in May 1944 with 774.5 hours to its airframe.


Photo 51 (Finnish): Two Finnish Bulldogs during the Winter War.


Photo 52 (Finnish): Bristol Bulldog BU-71 while serving as an advanced trainer at the LeSK. It was lost in an accident on 13.10.42.


Photo 53 (Finnish): Bristol Bulldog BU-63 of T-LLv 35 in 1941-1942.


Photo 54 (Finnish): Bristol Bulldog IIA BU-216 was one of the two Bulldogs given by Sweden to Finland during the Winter War in December 1939 and served as advanced trainer.


Photo 55 (Finnish): Another view of BU-216


Photo 61 (RAAF): Bristol Bulldog A12-1 of the RAAF on the ground


Photo 62 (RAAF): Bristol Bulldog A12-1 of the RAAF in flight


Photo 63 (RAAF): Bristol Bulldogs of the RAAF lined up with A12-2 in the middle


Photo 64 (RAAF): Bristol Bulldog (RAAF) A12-6 at Point Cook