June 2014: Finnish, Norwegian & Swedish Gloster Gladiators – 25 photos

Each photograph is offered at a 300dpi res/13x8cm size making them available for a very good quality digital print.

tn_01 - SWE01

 Photo (Swedish) 01: Swedish Gloster Gladiator (J8 – serial 235), Flottilj F8, Barkaby, 1938. Delivered on 12 Oct 37, it was destroyed in an accident on 26 July 1940 with 310.8 hours flown.

tn_02 - SWE02

Photo (Swedish) 02:  Swedish Gloster Gladiator on skis with the new national markings introduced in 1937 and the new camouflage (green and light blue-grey).

tn_03 - SWE03

Photo (Swedish) 03: Swedish Gloster Gladiators of the F8 flying in formation with the national markings introduced in 1940 with a yellow ring added.

tn_04 - SWE04

Photo (Swedish) 04: Swedish Gloster Gladiator coded 8-66, of the F8 with the new national markings.

tn_05 - SWE05

Photo (Swedish) 05: Line-up of Swedish Gloster Gladiators belonging to the F8. The aircraft on the front is coded 8-3.

tn_06 - NOR01

Photo (Norwegian) 06: Line-ip of Norwegain Gloster Gladiators before the German invasion. They were based at Oslo/Fornebu.

tn_07 - NOR02

Photo (Norwegian) 07: Another view of Norwegian Gloster Gladiators at Oslo/Fornebu.

tn_08 - NOR03

Photo (Norwegian) 08: One of the Norwegian Gloster Gladiator being examined by a German soldier at Oslo/Forebu.

tn_09 - NOR04

Photo (Norwegian) 09: Another view of a captured Norwegian Gloster Gladiator at Oslo/Fornebu.

tn_10 - NOR05

Photo (Norwegian) 10:  Wreckage of the Norwagian Gloster Gladiator 427 after being hit by Bf110s of I./ZG 76 on 9 Apr 40.

tn_11 - FIN01

Photo (Finnish) 11: Finnish Gloster Gladiator GL-278 of 1/LLv 16 in March 42. It was lost in a flying accident on the following 2 Sep.

tn_12 - FIN02

Photo (Finnish) 12: Finnish Gloster Gladiator GL-270 of 1/LLv 16 in summer 42. Note the national markings on the wings. This aircraft survived the war.

tn_13 - FIN03

Photo (Finnish) 13: Finnish Gloster Gladiator GL-274 seen in July 1940, then issued to LLv 14. This aircraft survived the war.

tn_14 - FIN04

Photo (Finnish) 14: Another view of GL-270 giving more details on the upper wings markings.

tn_15 - FIN05

Photo (Finnish) 15: Finnish Gloster Gladiator GL-264 of 2/LeLv 16 in summer 42. Aircraft shot down by Soviet flak on 9 Jul 42.

tn_16 - FIN06

Photo (Finnish) 16: Finnish Gloster Gladiator GL-252 of 1/LeLv 16 in summer 43. Shot down by Soviet flak on 11 Apr 44.

tn_17 - FIN07

Photo (Finnish) 17: Finnish Gloster Gladiators of 1/LLv 16 in spring 41. GL-278 was lost on 2 Sep 42 in a flying accident.

tn_18 - FIN08

Photo (Finnish) 18: Finnish Gloster Gladiator GL-252 of 1/LLv 16 taken in April 42. It was shot down by Soviet flak two years later.

tn_19 - FIN09

Photo (Finnish) 19:  Finnish Gloster Gladiator GL-278 of 1/LeLv 16 in March 1942.  It would be lost in an accident the following September.

tn_20 - FIN10

Photo (Finnish) 20:   Finnish Gloster Gladiator GL-276 of 2/LLv 14 at the end of the Winter War. This Gladiator survived the war.

tn_21 - FIN11

Photo (Finnish) 21:   Finnish Gloster Gladiator GL-258 of 2/LLv 26 in February 1940. It was shot down a couple of days later.

tn_22 - FIN12

Photo (Finnish) 22:  Finnish Gloster Gladiators of 1/LLv 26 in February 1940 with GL-254 visible which was shot down on 25 February.

tn_23 - SWE06

Photo (Swedish) 23: Swedish Gloster Gladiator (J8 – serial 248), Flottilj F8, Barkaby, 1939.

tn_24 - SWE07

Photo (Swedish) 24: Gladaitor J8A No. 278 of the F19 before returning to Sweden in March 1940.

tn_25 - SWE08

Photo (Swedish) 25: Six Swedish Gladiators of F19 on 30 March 1940 before the jounrey back to Sweden. Gladiator ‘F’ was No. 284, a J8A.