SQUADRONS! No.58: The Forgotten Patrol Seaplanes

The fortunes of war gave the opportunity for some aircraft types to play a role or fly in markings other than originally intended. With the invasion of many European countries in the first months of the war, only the British Empire remained in the fight with bases relatively safe to operate from. Many defeated airmen, often with their aircraft, found asylum at these bases. Among the aircraft which fled their original countries were patrol seaplanes. In some cases, the numbers of certain aircraft, or the fact they were simply in the right place at the right time, were enough to for the RAF to consider their use. This was certainly true for the Dutch Fokker T.VIIIs, Yugoslavian Dornier 22s and the Rogožarski SIM-XIV. Alternatively, it was often simply an order of aircraft not delivered before the destination country fell to the enemy. That was the case for the Norwegians’ Northrop N-3PBs and the Netherlands’ Vought OS2U Kingfishers. Those types entered RAF and RAAF service respectively but, because of the small quantities involved, they did not see widespread use; that doesn’t mean they were useless though. 35 photos.

ISBN: 979-1096490-99-8



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