SQUADRONS! No.57: The Douglas SBD Dauntless – New Zealand and France

Conceived in 1939 from the BT-1, the Douglas SBD Dauntless was almost obsolescent by the time the USA went into war in December 1941. However, in the absence of a suitable replacement, it became the backbone of the Pacific air war and rendered excellent service as a bomber, dive bomber, scout and reconnaissance aircraft until 1945. Even if close to 6,000 aircraft were produced during the war until the summer of 1944, very few were eventually supplied to the Allies. A single RNZAF squadron, No. 25, completed a tour in the Solomons in 1944, while the French Navy used the SBD against German strongholds on the French Atlantic coast in 1944-1945. Illustrated with about 50 photos.

ISBN: 979-1096490-98-1



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