AW10: Hawker Fury, Part 1


The Hawker Fury was the first RAF fighter able to fly at a speed exceeding 200 mph in level flight. Part-1 narrates the development and production of the Fury and the career of the Fury Mk.I in the RAF. It also includes the full story of the Fury in South Africa and in combat against the Italians in East Africa during 1940-1941. The SAAF Furies were finally withdrawn from service in 1943. New material has become available from South African sources creating the most complete story on the SAAF Furies. This publication is illustrated with over 40 photographs and 5 colour profiles and brings a new reference source to historians and modellers alike.

e-book (pfd. prc, 978-2918590-11-8

 Alex Crawford & Phil H. Listemann


Paperback version available here:

ISBN: 97829532544-5-7