41 Sqn

Over the last fifty years, many RAF squadron histories have been published. This one, is really special for at least two reasons, one, it is the first, if I’m not wrong on the 41, and two, and for that I’m sure, it is deepest study ever done on a wartime fighter unit. This volume is covering the wartime actions of the 41 in 1939-1942…close to 1000 pages which include the appendices very detailed (the last 250 pages)…just astonishing!!! If you are now expecting the rest of the history, the volume covering the years 1942-1945, well actually the book is already out and since 2012! I know, a bit strange to release the end of the history first, but that’s it; and this volume contains close to 1000 pages too. So in all, 2000 pages, with plenty of photographs and other first-hand material. For me it is simply THE reference for the 41 Squadron during WW2, can’t be better than this.

Phil Listemann