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BoB - combat archives

One would say that it is another series on the Battle of Britain, but if the topic is far to be new, it must said that it brings a really fresh air to this well-known air battle. It is indeed the first time that an author is trying to detail, day by day and combat by combat what actually happened over the UK and its coastal waters during that period of time. For each significant combat, a map illustrates the approximate number and position of the forces at the beginning of the engagement and the places where the aircraft fell. That’s a kind of new, and those maps are probably the biggest asset of this series, because they do help in having a better understanding of the situation. Otherwise, we find the basic information of a list of claims and losses of both sides, combat reports, and the whole illustrated with colour profiles and many photographs of aircraft and pilots. It is not the first book on the Battle of Britain I read, but to be true, I really like the lay-out, modern and colourful and done like this, it is very educational. A very good job, really.

Vol 1 and 2 are so far available covering the period 10 July – 22 July and 23 July – 8 August.

Phil Listemann