January 2015: Hawker Hector – 20 photos

Each photograph is offered at a 300dpi res/13x8cm size making them available for a very good quality digital print.


tn_Hector 01

Photo Hector 01: Side view of Hawker Hector K3719, the prototype. First flew on 14.02.36, it became an Instructional airframe on 07.05.38 as 1062M.

tn_Hector 02

Photo Hector 02: Three Hawker Hectors of No. 614 Sqn in flight, taken shortly before the Munich Crisis in September 1938. The 614 continued to use the Hector until November 1939 to switch on the Lysander.

 tn_Hector 03

Photo Hector 03: Hawker Hector K9738 of No. 2 Sqn in 1938.

tn_Hector 04

Photo Hector 04: Hawker Hector K9748 of No. 2 Sqn in 1937.

tn_Hector 05

Photo Hector 05: Hawker Hector K9722 of No. 26 Sqn in 1937.

tn_Hector 06

Photo Hector 06: Hawker Hectors of No. 2 Sqn in 1938.

tn_Hector 07

Photo Hector 07: Hawker Hector K9690 of No. 59 Sqn with the new camouflage and codes introduced after the Munich Crisis. This aircraft was wrecked in an accident on 19.05.39, killing the crew.

tn_Hector 08

Photo Hector 08: Hawker Hectors in formation in 1937. This squadron was equipped with Hectors in May 1937, and changed for Lysanders in January 1939.

tn_Hector 09

Photo Hector 09: Another view of K9690 (see photo 07)

tn_Hector 10

Photo Hector 10: Hawker Hector K9700 of No. 59 Sqn in 1937.

tn_Hector 11

Photo Hector 11: Hawker Hector K8143 of No. 4 Sqn in 1937.

tn_Hector 12

Photo Hector 12: Another view of Hectors of No. 4 Sqn (see photo 08).

tn_Hector 13

Photo Hector 13: Hawker Hector K8095 of No. 13 Sqn in 1937. This squadron received its first machines the same month as No. 4 Sqn.

tn_Hector 14

Photo Hector 14: Hawker Hector K8104 of No. 612 sqn taken before being lost in an accident in May 1939.

tn_Hector 15

Photo Hector 15: An unidentified Hawker Hector of 2 AACU to be used for target tugs duty.

tn_Hector 16

Photo Hector 16: Hawker Hector K9711 believed to belong to No. 102 GOTU early in 1942.

tn_Hector 17

Photo Hector 17: Hawker Hector K8145 of No. 4 Sqn, preparing for a night training flight.

tn_Hector 18

Photo Hector 18: Hawker Hector K9703 of No. 53 Sqn in 1937, the first squadron to be equipped with Hectors in January 1937.

 tn_Hector 19

Photo Hector 19: Hawker Hectors of No. 53 Sqn, ready for night exercise.

tn_Hector 20

Photo Hector 20: Hawker Hector K9755 of No. 2 Sqn in 1938.