SQUADRONS! No.63: The Hawker Typhoon – the ‘Fellowship of the Bellows’ squadrons

The Hawker Typhoon was designed to Air Ministry specification F.18/37 which sought to take advantage of the new generation of 2000hp engines and satisfy the latest requirements in armament. This […]

SQUADRONS! No.64: The North American Mustang Mk I & Mk II

When the war broke out in September 1939, the RAF rapidly found itself in desperate need of combat aircraft, manufacturers being unable to provide enough aircraft for local and overseas […]

SQUADRONS! No.65: The ‘Eagle’ Squadrons – Nos 71, 121 and 133 Squadrons

The full operational activity of the three ‘Eagle’ squadrons (Nos 71, 121 and 133), which were RAF fighter squadrons manned by Amercian personnel during WW2. They were all formed before […]

SQUADRONS! No.66: The Handley Page Hampden Torpedo-bomber

The Handley Page Hampden was one of the British twin-engine medium bombers in service in the RAF when war broke and was used as a bomber with Bomber Command until […]

SQUADRONS! No.67: The North American Mustang III over Italy and the Balkans (Pt-2)

The North American Mustang is certainly one of the legendary fighters of the Second World War. The aircraft can be split into two ‘families’, the Allison-powered and Merlin-powered. The RAF […]

Volume 1 – Letter A (Pt.1)

This volume covers the letter A of the type designation system, the Ambulance aircraft (1943 – 1946) and the first part of the Attack aircraft, which includes here all the […]

Volume 2 – Letter A (Pt. 2)

74 pages, 120 photos; this volume covers the A2D Skyshark, A3D Skywarrior, A4D Skyhawk, AF Guardian and A2F Intruder. Pdf, Epub, Kindle versions ISBN: 978-2918590-30-9 ******************* HOW TO ORDER: Send […]

Volume 3 – Letter A (Pt-3) & Letter B

This volume of 72 pages contains over 100 photographs. This volume covers the last A Class aircraft types started with volume One, the AJ Savage, the A2J Super Savage, the […]

Volume 4 – Letters BF, BT & F (Pt-1)

A pictorial study of the USN aircraft between 1922 and 1962. Over forty years, between 1922 and 1962, the USN and USMC used a designation system which began with biplanes […]