November 2014: Pre-war Supermarine Spitfire Mk. I – 17 Photos

Each photograph is offered at a 300dpi res/13x8cm size making them available for a very good quality digital print.


tn_Spitfire 01

Photo Spitfire 01: No. 19 Squadron was the first fighter unit to be equipped with the Spitfire. Spitfire Mk.I K9795 was issued to the squadron in September 1938.

tn_Spitfire 02

Photo Spitfire 02: Spitfire Mk.Is of No. 65 Squadron, based at Hornchurch in 1939. The 65 received its first Spitfires in March that year. The codes at that time were FZ, later changed to YT when war broke out.

tn_Spitfire 03

Photo Spitfire 03: No. 65 Squadron Spitfire Mk.Is flying in formation before the war. Leading, K9906/FZ-L, one of the first Spitfires issued to the squadron in March 1939.

tn_Spitfire 04

Photo Spitfire 04: The same formation taken at another moment, higher in the sky, above the cloud.

tn_Spitfire 05

Photo Spitfire 05: In November 1938, it was the turn to No. 66 Squadron to convert on the Spitfire. K9987 was allocated to the squadron in May 1939. It crash-landed at Duxford shortly after the outbreak of war.

tn_Spitfire 06

Photo Spitfire 06: Another Spitfire Mk.I of No. 66 Squadron, but remains unidentified. The letter A in a squadron was normally reserved to the CO.

tn_Spitfire 07

Photo Spitfire 07: In April 1939, No. 72 Squadron exchanged its Gladiators for Spitfires. Note on this one, the Squadron’s emblem painted on the fin, an unusual practice in 1939. The codes were changed for RN in September 1939.

tn_Spitfire 08

Photo Spitfire 08: Wearing the pre-war codes WZ, a Spitfire of No. 19 Squadron is being prepared for another practice flight.

tn_Spitfire 09

Photo Spitfire 09: Spitfire Mk.Is of No. 19 Squadron being prepared. The codes were changed to QV in September 1939.

tn_Spitfire 10

Photo Spitfire 10: Same scene of the above, taken from a different angle.

tn_Spitfire 11

Photo Spitfire 11: Spitfire Mk.I of No. 19 Squadron in flight. This one has still the two blades propeller.

tn_Spitfire 12

Photo Spitfire 12: No. 19 Squadron’s Spitfire Mk.Is flying in formation before the war.

tn_Spitfire 13

Photo Spitfire 13: No. 41 Squadron received its first Spitfires in January 1939. The codes were changed to EB at the outbreak of war.

tn_Spitfire 14

Photo Spitfire 14: One very early No. 19 Squadron’s Spitfire Mk.I, K9796, ready to start its engine in 1938.

tn_Spitfire 15

Photo Spitfire 15: Spitfire Mk. I K9906/FZ-L of No. 65 sqn flying solo with its pre-war markings (see also photos 03 & 04).

tn_Spitfire 16

Photo Spitfire 16: Spitfire Mk. I K9912 seen at factory before delivery. Issued to No. 65 Sqn, it would be lost at Dunkirk on 26 May 1940.

tn_Spitfire 17

Photo Spitfire 17: Spitfire Mk. I K9970/LO-D of 602 Sqn seen at the outbreak of war.